Dedicated to helping you build a bond with man's best friend

Your K9 Trainer

Dedicated to helping you build a bond with man’s best friend



Professionally training since 2006 in Orange and San Diego Counties, my mission is to inspire people to want to work and train with their dog(s) through techniques that create a happy home life and relationship between a dog and their owner. As a professional trainer, I work not only to train dogs but with clients to help manage, modify and prevent problem behaviors.

My name is John Endlich and like most “animal people” I have had a love for dogs and animals since I was a child.

In 2006 I moved across the country to train at the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. Once I graduated from this prestigious program, I began my professional career.

Over 15-years, I have developed my own techniques – implementing and updating them over the years, leading to the creation of my unique “Dog Obedience Guidance (D.O.G.)
Training Program”. The D.O.G. Training Program helps owners command their canines in a home environment.

Yourk 9 training John Endlich

Why hire a professional dog trainer?

Obedience and training is for all dogs and humans.

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend. They offer companionship, unconditional love, attention, cuddles, and bring happiness to your home. Owning a dog can be rewarding and fun but it also requires work from both owner and dog.

These exercises are important for all dogs, but especially for high-drive breeds that need mental and physical stimulation. Dogs are born with innate animal behavior, but need training to live peacefully with their owner(s) in an urban setting. Consistent training results in consistent behavior.

At its heart, training teaches manners. Training will teach your dog to respect you and others and to respond to basic commands, as well as how to play well with others. This process will create a stronger bond with your lifelong companion.

What we do

Our Services

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are specifically tailored to your needs and give dog owners an opportunity to be actively involved in the dog training process.

Group Level 1 Beginners

Group Level 1 Beginners

Any breed and any size is welcome in this introductory training for dogs starting at 4-months of age.

Group Level 2 Obedience

Group Level 2 Obedience

Once dogs have passed the Level 1 – Beginners Course, they will have mastered the basic training skills and move forward to more challenging commands and exercises.



You can start the puppy training as young as 8-weeks. Each lesson is customized to meet the needs of your particular puppy based on the issues that arise.



The Canine Good Citizen course, known as CGC Training teaches the basics of good manners and obedience, between you and your dog at home and in the community. A ten-skill test for both dog and owner.

AKC Obedience

  • AKC (American Kennel Club) Companion Dog Sports
  • Obedience
  • Rally
  • Tracking

AKC Obedience

AKC training provides opportunities for advanced dogs to compete in dog sports.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

I am dedicated to making a change in the relationship between a dog and their owner, to make it a pleasure to own a dog.
My mission is to inspire people to want to work and train with their canine companion through honest training techniques developed over 15-years. To create a bond and team between a dog and their owner by making sure owners understand how a dog thinks. Helping owners to get their dog to respond by teaching them how to handle a dog the right way through understanding, patience, caring and creativity. These techniques help owners grow a relationship and create a happy home life and environment for both dog and owner.



All dogs must have DHPP (Bordetella and Rabies shots) vaccination record, administered and obtained by a veterinarian.

Children as young as 15-years of age are allowed to participate and handle a dog, but must be accompanied by a guardian who can take over learning in case the dog becomes unmanageable for the child. This is evaluated on a case by case basis and is strictly for class environment. This does not apply to home training.

Sign up form must be filled out, payment submitted and shots record provided one-week prior to course.
Spaces are limited, first come-first serve.