General Prerequisites

  • All dogs must have DHPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza and Hepatitis shots) vaccination record, administered and obtained by a veterinarian.
  • Children as young as 15-years of age are allowed to participate and handle a dog, but must be accompanied by a guardian who can take over learning in case the dog becomes unmanageable for the child. This is evaluated on a case by case basis and is strictly for class environment. This does not apply to home training.
  • Sign up form must be filled out, payment submitted and shots record provided one-week prior to course.
  • Spaces are limited, first come-first serve.

CGC, Private, or Group Course Prerequisites:

  • There are no dog age minimums or limits for participating in the program. All dogs are welcome!
  • Dog must be able to pass Beginner’s Course. Contact Trainer for Evaluation.
  • $25 Zoom Evaluation
  • $50 Meet and Greet Evaluation

Level 1 – Beginners Course Prerequisites

  • All dogs are welcome. Any breed 4-months or older.
  • Course fills up quickly. Please register one-week prior to course at minimum.

Level 2 – Obedience Course Prerequisites

Dogs previously trained with Your K9 Trainer:

  • Your dog must be able to pass our Beginners Course Test to attend these classes. If your dog cannot pass our “Level 1 – Beginners Course”, you may get caught up through Private Lessons or by attending the Level 1 – Beginner’s Course. Please use our videos as a resource to self evaluate your dog’s level of obedience. This means taking your dog to a local park and walking them through the commands. If your dog can indeed pass the exercises, we can schedule an evaluation to confirm.
  • Please register 24 hours prior to course at minimum: Client should text trainer their name and dog’s name. No formal Sign-Up.
  • Evaluations are available to dogs that have not trained with Your K9 Trainer, to confirm whether your dog can attend Level 2.