Private Puppy Lessons AND GROUP PUPPY COURSE

Private Puppy Lessons

It is important that puppies have private lessons since they have not yet been fully vaccinated. You can start the puppy training as young as 8-weeks of age. Starting early will help you create a civilized dog later on. Even if you own an older puppy, it’s never too late to start.  The puppy program also teaches owners how to handle their growing canine and how to understand and communicate with their new best friend.

Each lesson is customized to meet the needs of your particular puppy based on the issues that arise.

We will cover the following in Puppy Training, including but not limited to:

  • Basic commands: Sit, Down, Place (Stay), Confidence building, Puppy Recall
  • Prepare for Dog Socializing
  • Deal with nipping and jumping issues
  • Q&A regarding Potty Training
  • Positive Reinforcement!

Puppy Group Course

  • Group Course includes the same lessons as private but with the socializing aspect. Socializing 101.
  • Group Courses start between weeks 8 and 16 of a dog’s life.

Group Course Overview:

Courses are in a group setting at a designated location. Group classes help owners understand how your dog deals with the outdoor environment where there are many distractions and how to properly socialize your dog with other canines.

Classes allow clients to demonstrate or discover what issues their pet companion is dealing with. This allows the trainer to evaluate the issues in a group setting and help modify or correct behaviors, so that owners can more confidently manage their pet in public settings. This also allows their pet and owner to enjoy the experience rather than be fearful or disobedient.

The Trainer will walk through each course with the clients, culminating with a pass or fail test in order to obtain a certificate of achievement. Once a client’s dog passes a course, the client can move forward to an advanced course.

Children as young as 15-years of age are allowed to participate and handle a dog, but must be accompanied by a guardian who can take over learning in case the dog becomes unmanageable for the child.

Pricing for Private Puppy Lessons

  • $95.00 In (your) Home Lesson, includes Travel fees for Trainer

Pricing for Group Puppy Lessons

  • $300.00 for a 6-lesson course
  • Locations vary