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Professionally training since 2006 in Orange and San Diego Counties, my mission is to inspire people to want to work and train with their dog(s) through techniques that create a happy home life and relationship between a dog and their owner.

My name is John Endlich and like most “animal people” I have had a love for dogs and animals since I was a child.

In 2006 I moved across the country to train at the Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers. Once I graduated from this prestigious program, I began my professional career. 

Over 15-years, I created the exclusive “Dog Obedience Guidance (D.O.G.) Training Program”. The D.O.G. Training Program helps owners command their canines in a home environment. My primary objective is to educate the owners on how to build a strong bond between them and their canine(s). As a professional trainer, I provide a blended method of training and procedures based on the owner’s particular dog, with a focus on reward based training at the base. I focus on teaching and educating clients on what motivates and drives their dog, how to give their dogs a gentle touch, as well as what mental and physical stimulation is needed for a particular dog. I provide honest, educated opinions to all clients.

I specialize, but am not limited to working dogs such as German Shepard’s, Malinois, Border Collies, etc.

I look forward to discussing your dog’s needs.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

I am dedicated to making a change in the relationship between a dog and his owner, to make it a pleasure to own a dog.
My mission is to inspire people to want to work and train with their canine companion through honest training techniques developed over 15-years. To create a bond and team between a dog and their owner by making sure owners understand how a dog thinks. Helping owners to get their dog to respond by teaching them how to handle a dog the right way through understanding, patience, caring and creativity. These techniques help owners grow a relationship and create a happy home life and environment for both dog and owner.