Private Lessons

Private lessons give dog owners, and their household, an opportunity to be actively involved in the dog training process. This option allows for the dog to obey the owner and everyone in the household who participates in the training.

Prior to the lessons, a consultation will allow Your K9 Trainer to assess what issues need to be worked on. Private lessons are 1-hour in length, in your home or at a location that addresses certain behaviors, based on your consult with Your K9 Trainer.

Private lessons will teach owners, and their household, about dog behavior and training through relatable instruction. Lessons always include basic obedience as well as specific modifications needed by a particular dog.

Clients will also receive follow up assignments for themselves and their household to practice in-between lessons. This will help strengthen the bond between owners and their dogs, and teach the dog to obey the new routine commands. Typically 4-lessons can resolve most issues.

Your K9 Trainer offers package deals as well.

Your 9 Training


  • $75.00/hour – Client comes to trainer in north San Diego
  • $95.00/hour – In (your) Home Lessons, includes Travel fees for Trainer
  • $340.00 for In (your) Home, 4-Lesson Packet